Reyes Gym Review

February 26, 2017

When the Philippines has Reyes Barbecue and Reyes Hair Cutters, there’s also Reyes Gym. It wouldn’t surprise me if I saw a Reyes Vulcanizing Shop, or Reyes Bulalo in some alley in the metro. HOW TO GET THERE – the place is located at Domingo M. Guevara St, Mandaluyong. The gym is just a couple of blocks across California Garden Square condominium, right in front of Metrobank. You can take a tricycle…


How Muay Thai made me quit smoking

February 17, 2017

It was a gloomy Saturday afternoon when I was eating my pre-workout meal. I loved the aroma of the spicy pancit (canton) with a touch of sweetness that is perfect with fried eggs coupled with a strong black coffee. Just right for a robust, tenacious boy that is me. Kidding aside, I was just an average work-out-twice-a-week corporate employee who also loved outdoor activities. It was my rest day from a week-long excruciating graveyard shift that most of…


Elorde Plus – BF Homes Gym Review

February 10, 2017

To all my brothers and sisters who hail from the south, let me hear you scream! All right. I’ll let you in on a dirty little secret: This gym kicks ass! You’ll find out why after reading this comprehensive review. HOW TO GET THERE – the gym is located at Fitness & Beauty mall, 290 Aguirre Ave, BF Homes, Paranaque – just a few minutes away from Las Pinas, Alabang and…


5 things you need to start training Muay Thai

So you’ve heard from your co-workers who have tried Muay Thai training, they said that not only it’s a spectacular cardio workout but also an awesome sport and self-defense tool. You’ve watched every Buakaw fight you can find and wanted to try training like him. Now what? THE THINGS YOU NEED 1 – Find a gym This is the first and probably the most important of all. There are a few things…

February 3, 2017