CrossFit Insurrecto Gym Review

August 24, 2017

There’s not a gym as cool as one sounding like an ancient magic spell you only get to practice in Hogwarts. CrossFit Insurrecto is one of the few exciting “boxes” under the umbrella of CrossFit name in the Philippines. Let’s see if Harry Potter approves. HOW TO GET THERE – the gym or rather, the box (as how they like to call it)c is located at Lower Ground, II Terrazo, 305…


How often should you workout?

It’s been 6 times in a row that your coworkers commented on your chubby cheeks and your prominent gut. Word on the street is that you’re getting fatter and fatter each day. “Food is life, no?” And that’s not counting the days when you had to cover your “beer” belly with your left arm depending on the angle of the smart camera. It’s tormenting for you, to say the least….

August 9, 2017