360 Fitness Club Manila Gym Review

When your problems, stress, and pain have been pushing everything away, 360 Fitness Club Manila is there to turn your life around (pun intended).

HOW TO GET THERE – the gym is a 2-minute walk from Robinsons Place Ermita. It’s almost impossible for you to miss this place. Take the “Padre Faura” jeep, disembark at Robinsons Place along Padre Faura, and Maria Orosa St., will be right in front of the mall. From there, the gym is less than 200 meters away. 

There’s parking space (free) reserved for 360 Fitness Club Manila fitness enthusiasts. Isn’t that awesome?! Right beside the building is 7/11 for your post-workout needs. Friendly advice: When you go to the place, I need you to have a laser-sharp focus on your training. Why? I say this because Ermita is an area full of temptations. FYI: I used to hang there.



You see even before you set foot in the gym, you’re already served a dish of motivation. It’s good because you will need LOTS of it. “Complete the darn circuit”, is what you’ll be telling yourself the moment your quadriceps start to surrender from horrifying pain.

The place has a plain-looking entrance, simple and not too shabby. The entire facility is fully air-conditioned and all the equipment are in tip-top condition. There’s a main area of decent space where 90% of the training apparatus are found and a medium-sized room where the different fitness classes are conducted. Locker rooms are available and there’s unlimited distilled water for free. They have bathrooms with own shower heads too!

360 Fitness Club Manila is a complete training facility designed to help you reach your fitness goals. Their main objective is to assist you in achieving your full potential. They offer different classes that would help you double your metabolic rate (to help you burn more calories), build strength and increase stamina. 

Being a member gives you access to a wide range of training equipment — from their medicine ball to the TRX suspension. They have dumbbells and barbells to complement your powerlifting routines, pull-up bars for your complete bodyweight regimen and kettlebells for your overall dexterity.



I liked how they used the term “investment” instead of price or rates. Indeed, your payment in these types of gyms is considered an investment because the dividend it pays is improved overall fitness. (I can’t put a price tag on that.)

Regular rate: a fixed amount of monthly payments throughout the duration of membership

10% discount: applies if you sign up for membership on the same day you avail of your free trial (yes, they offer a free trial).

20% installment: a great discount to Metrobank cardholders (they run promotions with different banks from time to time). 

One time payment: the best deal of them all. They give a hefty discount to those who are dead serious about their commitment to fitness.

***Membership provides “passport access”, as they call it or free pass to 3 other 360 Fitness Club branches (except for the BGC branch). 

the fitness classroom


As I entered the gym, the receptionist introduced herself right away with a captivating smile. She asked me how I was doing and I told her I wanted to try their famous 360 Circuit Training. Right away, she walked me through everything I needed to know about the program and showed me the place. She was just simply adorable.

Then, she hands me a 3-page form with… guess what kind of information? Yes, it’s a health questionnaire. That was the third gym I’ve been to where they made me sign a document. See also: Elite – Ortigas Emerald Gym and F.I.S.T Gym – Timog Avenue.

They just wanted to make sure you are going out in one piece after your workout. It’s not my first time to see these and since I’m going to be around many gyms, might as well get used to it. I signed the paper then proceeded to meet my personal trainer. Immediately, he asked me if I knew what I got myself into. I told him what I was expecting and he said that I was on point! He was very polite and soft-spoken young man. 

On with the training…

My coach pointed his finger to the floor with marks “1” to “16”. “These are all the stations. You will perform all the exercises in these areas for 30 seconds each”, he said. What was I thinking?!  “You’ll hear 3 bells, the last one is 3 consecutive beeps — the signal for you to move to the next station.” Great.

He showed me the routines before I started and during the circuit. Fast forward 30 minutes later, I finished 2 sets of circuit training and almost saw the gates of hell that day. 

Below is the video of the whole set (second) of the circuit training. Happy viewing!



The full session lasted for more than half an hour with rests of a couple of minutes total. The amount of sweat produced by my glands were equal to that of playing 3 basketball games. Honestly, this experience was just insane! In just a few minutes, my heart rate shot up like North Korea’s missile launch. No nonsense, no BS routines, just plain training beat down. To say that I was satisfied with the program is would be an understatement.

360 fitness club freedom wall


The workout was a tad short but was intense enough to give me a big dose of adrenaline rush. The entire place was clean, you have access to high-grade equipment and the people are very friendly. To top it off, I got free unlimited water. Haha! But the most important thing is, I got what I came for. 

Needless to say, I enjoyed every moment I had with 360 Fitness Club Manila. I would absolutely give the crew a thumbs up!

Thanks again for reading this review. See you in my next one!


(Disclaimer: I was not paid in cash or any kind by 360 Fitness Club Manila management or its affiliates to make this review.)

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