I love doing everything that makes my heart beat fast!

The Skinny Guy Alex has been a skinny guy in his entire life. Referred to by his friends as “that skinny guy”, life for him wasn’t easy.

Being the hardest gainers of them all, I did all the “best bodybuilding programs” out there. I have used all the “mass building” supplements you can find and ate up to 8 hard-boiled eggs a day only to add a few pounds of muscle on my tiny frame.

After years of pain-staking pumping iron, it finally came to me. I am not going to be Arnold Schwarzenegger or the next Mr. Olympia. Being a skinny-frail-Alex is almost the same problem as being a fat Joe – it’s incredibly difficult to change your physique!

I finally embraced what I am then all of a sudden, Muay Thai and I met. We never parted ways since. My love for the sport grew so strong that it also opened the gates for tons of different sports and exercises. As long as it’s risky and makes my heart pump more blood, I’m up for it.

I created this blog to share my workout experiences, to motivate you and to be with you as you walk towards your journey of fitness. Whether you want to be skinny fit, insanely strong, or just want to break a sweat once in a while, I’ll do my best to help you through this blog.