3 different body types and what they mean

Do you know what body type you have? Before you put on your work clothes and stare at your fabulous self in the mirror, what do you see? Imagine yourself 10 years from now, pretend that you haven’t touched a single weight-lifting apparatus your whole life, how would your physique look like? 

The 3 different body types: Ectomorph, Mesomorph and Endomorph. 


Best described as the tall and lanky, hard gainer, or simply referred to as that skinny guy (or girl). The ectomorphs have ultra-fast metabolism. We all have that one friend who eats a truckload of rice and never gets fat. Remember him/her? 

Ectomorphs can spend half of their lifetime lifting heavy weights only to see moderate to little improvement in their physique (with some exceptions of course). Muscle is almost impossible to have for them (us). One advantage you can never take away from the ecto’s is their fat-storing abilities or lack thereof. Because of their incredible metabolism, they can eat whatever they want with little consequences. 

Most notable characteristics:

  • frail-looking body structure
  • narrow chest
  • spaghetti arms



Our ultimate goal, what every bodybuilder aspires to have – a mesomorphian body (yes, I just invented that word). These are whom I call the naturals, or the lucky ones (no, I’m not jelly of them). When I just started weight-lifting, I could never fathom how someone from Davao or Cebu (or name whatever province he came from) who has never done a single sit-up, would have 6-pack abs and a glorious perfect physique!

Their body responds perfectly well to weight training. Give them a month and they could pack 5-10 pounds of quality muscle easily. They also have a naturally fast metabolism. For this reason, their fat-burning abilities, along with the ecto’s, are better than most.

Most notable characteristics:

  • athletic build
  • large bone structure
  • prominent jaw



The opposite of ectomorph. They are ones that have the most difficult time losing weight. Endomorphs have tried the 8-week weight loss program with little to no success. They managed to lose 10 pounds doing intense exercises and following the low-calorie diet only to gain 20 pounds a month after. Sounds like someone you know? For tips on weight loss, find out how you can quickly lose weight using a key concept: metabolism.

Endo’s have better muscle-gaining ability than the ectomorph. And let us not forget that fat is also a source of energy, therefore strength. Because they have a hard time burning fat, some turn it to their advantage.The endomorphs, in my opinion, are the strongest in the weight room. What they lack in cardio, they make up for in the bench press department. The next time you hear someone grunting in the weight room, there’s a good chance he’s an endomorph.

Most notable characteristics: 

  • bulky look
  • strong core
  • seemingly less muscle definition

Torn between two lovers

These different body types aren’t set in stone and not everyone will fall into one category alone. Each human body is unique and it is, therefore, possible to be stuck in-between body types. There are hybrid types such as Ecto-Mesomorph, Endo-Mesomorph and even Ecto-Endomorph (skinny fat). It is important that you recognize each trait to properly determine the kind of physique you have and thereby know the best approach to get you closer to your fitness goals.

Ok cool. Now that you know your body type, what do you then do with that knowledge?


Ectomorph tips


  • more compound lifting exercises
  • 6-8 reps of heavy weights with more rest between sets
  • consume a LOT of calories (but of quality)


  • over-train (less is more)
  • emphasize on isolation exercises
  • exceed 1.5 hours of weight lifting


Mesomorph tips


  • become an athlete
  • push yourself to the limits and break records


  • waste your “gift”
  • ignore a balanced diet


Endomorph tips


  • follow a low-carb diet
  • 12-15 reps per set
  • more anaerobic exercise to speed up fat-burning


  • ignore cardio workout
  • rely on “fat-burners”
  • exercise (intensely) without first consulting your doctor

We have no choice when it comes to the body type our parents pass on to us. Our genes are the only things permanent in this world (along with change). There is no telling how one can easily hop from one body type to another. But with the sufficient knowledge of the human body, coupled with hard work and determination, impossible could just be another mountain we can climb.

Have you figured out which body type you have? Shoot me a comment and suggestion below.

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