Papayat ba ako? (Will I lose weight?)

“Lex, kailangan ko nang pumayat. Sobrang taba ko na, pupunta kami beach next month at ayokong makita nila ang laki ng tyan ko. Kaya ba yun?” (I need to lose weight for I have become extremely fat. We’ll be going to the beach next month and I don’t want people to see my huge gut. Is it possible?) “Summer na pre, papayatin mo nga ako.” (Dude, it’s summer. Make me skinny.) “Kuya,…

July 30, 2017

How I get the strength to lift heavy weights

First off, let me begin by saying, “heavy” is a relative term. Benching 200 lbs could be a Hail Mary for a skinny guy but a walk in the park for your everyday club bouncer. So for the sake of this article, let’s define heavy as the weight in which you can only lift for 3-5 reps – it’s what turns you to Super Saiyan 4. Now here are just some of the…

July 7, 2017

Stay until the finish line – accomplish your goals

“It’s easy to start, everyone can do it. Be the one who finishes.”                                                                      – Anonymous Have you ever been so excited to go on an adventure that you and your friends eagerly talked about it in…

March 28, 2017

4 tips on how to start

Lately, I’ve been asked questions like, how I was able to do this and how I was able to get that. From fitness forums to my workstation, I hear it everywhere. “I want to do this (insert sport) but I don’t know where or how to start.” If you are one of those who’s been meaning to get something going whether in fitness, business or relationship but have no idea how, I…

January 17, 2017