CrossFit Insurrecto Gym Review

There’s not a gym as cool as one sounding like an ancient magic spell you only get to practice in Hogwarts. CrossFit Insurrecto is one of the few exciting “boxes” under the umbrella of CrossFit name in the Philippines. Let’s see if Harry Potter approves.

HOW TO GET THERE – the gym or rather, the box (as how they like to call it)c is located at Lower Ground, II Terrazo, 305 Tomas Morato Ave cor Scout Madrinan St, Quezon City. The b4 ox is surrounded by delicious restaurants, a chicken parlor namely Bon Chon, there’s also Banapple and Enroute Distillery bar (my goodness!).One street across is Timog Avenue where you can find F.I.S.T. Gym in just a few footsteps. You can also see my review here.

I’m not certain if there are jeepneys that take Sct. Madrinan route but I’m pretty sure there are some that can drop you off along Quezon Avenue/Timog Ave. For car owners, there’s a decent parking space (with pay). If all else fails, there’s our ever-convenient Grab and Uber.mins



the box

The box is a massive training facility, it’s remarkably huge for an unconventional weight-training/fitness gym and I estimate around 40 people can fit and train inside. 90% of the floor area is covered with thick rubber mats in which you can do bodyweight exercises like jumping over your partner (but no you’re not allowed to roll BJJ-style). 

They have a myriad of functional gym equipment from kettlebells to gymnastic rings. You’ll see climbing ropes hanging around, a pull-up bar that’s roughly 20 feet long and I don’t know how many barbells were there but there were a LOT. 

The place is fully air-conditioned, there’s a bathroom and a couple shower rooms that are quite fancy — they reminded me of a certain hotel in Makati. The place is well-lit, I didn’t see any dust nor did I smell any foul odor from their equipment. Overall, the place was as neat as they come.



Annual Membership: Zero. There’s no membership fee.

8-session pass:  375/day

I would only consider this option if I were cross-training. Otherwise, I’d stick to their monthly unlimited.

1 month unlimited:  150/day 

150 is equal to 4500/30 (30 days in a month) – This is dirt cheap if you consider going to the box EVERY DAY. Who does that? At the end of the day, our body needs to recover. And you’re not exempted. So just to be a little realistic, we’ll divide 4500 by 16 days (4 times a week for 4 weeks).

We’ll end up with 281.25/day and this is what we’ll call the true value.

3 months unlimited: 140/day 

True value: 262.50/day

6 months unlimited:  130/day

True value: 243.75/day

12 months unlimited: 116.67/day

True value: 218.75/day

***4 times a week of any kind of weight training is more than enough, especially to the rookie lifters. Muscles get fatigued after a week-long intense workout and usually require 24-48 hours of recovery depending on the individual’s body structure, diet & sleep. Some even get astounding results from doing 3 times a week, because in the weight room, less is more


I arrived at the box at past midday and was surprised to see the sign on their door: “Closed”. Honestly, I was not ready to go back home empty-handed and knowing myself, I always liked to try everything I could to succeed. Ha ha! So I pushed the door a little bit and luckily, there were a couple of lovely ladies inside. “Welcome to CrossFit Insurrecto!”, they said out loud like a tireless call center agent. Apparently, I was the early bird for their lunch class. 

The coach introduced herself and since then I was bound by her spell. We exchanged names and right then and there I knew that I already loved her. “Hi, I’m Rachel”, she said while wearing a mesmerizing smile. She had a very pretty face but I know in my mind that if you mess with her, she could double arm snatch you and throw you into the shadow realm. 

If I counted correctly, there were 18 students (give or take a couple) including me and as I expected, I was the only first-timer around. 

The CrossFit program looked something like this:

Warm up

  • good mornings
  • lunges
  • crab walk
  • inchworm plus push ups
  • lunge and elbow to the ground
  • jump-over partner and army crawl


CrossFit program, 1st part

  • deadlifts of different weight EMOM (every minute on the minute) for 14 mins

I wasn’t allowed to partake in their “CrossFit” program. Being in an unchartered territory, I had to do things despacito (slowly). Plus, it’s standard protocol per Rachel. Haha! So two other buddies and I were sent to Bootcamp instead. 



  • 8 reps kettlebell deadlifts & 12 seated dips on the parallettes EMOM for 14 mins.

*This means consecutive execution KB deadlifts per minute and dips on the next minute until the 14th minute.


Crossfit Program, 2nd part

  • 8-10 reps barber shoulder press & 40 reps single jump rope with double-unders every 10th rep, EMOM for 16 mins.



  • 8-10 reps dumbbell shoulder press & 60 reps single jump rope (both feet) EMOM for 16mins

Cool down 



The whole session lasted for approximately an hour leaving me with 40% in my gas tank. My heart rate was definitely up there but the lungs weren’t in panic mode. My shoulder and lower back muscles, on the other hand, were in a prolonged state of hypertrophy (swole’ that is). This could only mean one thing: CrossFit is NOT a cardio workout. I’d say what CFI offers is strength training incorporated with cardio routines. With CFI, you get to experience the best of both worlds

Today I had an understanding of a new-era training style and got to workout with different kinds of people — from loud-working daddies to quiet-working daddies. It was a fun environment, everyone was enthusiastic to learn and the atmosphere was just incredibly energizing.

One thing I could not let go: there was an instance where a student was doing an exercise in a terrible form and none of the trainers were able to notice it. I am and always will be an advocate of safe and injury-free training because bad form + heavy weight is not only cheating, it screams disaster. But to be fair, it was a good 1:10 coach to student ratio. 



Setting aside the fascinating beauty that is Rachel, my workout session with the box has been nothing but great. Everything else has been enlightening. Will I consider going back?

I’d be thrilled to come back to CrossFit Insurrecto for another dynamic training session. (But only if Rachel agrees to go on a twister fries date with me, I kid).


(Disclaimer: I was not paid in cash or any kind by CrossFit Insurrecto management or its affiliates to make this review.)

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