Elorde Gilmore Gym Review

Have you ever experienced heartbreak before? Remember that night you were alone, chugging on your 38th tequila bottle thinking about how you and your partner used to laugh at each other for no reason? If you’re a human then the answer is probably a yes. Whatever creature you are, I’d like to inform you that Elorde Gilmore is my “gym to cry on”.

HOW TO GET THERE – the gym is located at 16 Castilla cor Granada St., Quezon City. It’s in-between San Juan & Quezon City. Still doesn’t sound familiar? I’m sure you know Gilmore as the “PC parts and accessories” capital of the Philippines. Yep, it’s a good 5-minute walk from Gilmore LRT station all right. To this day though, I still think that the place is in San Juan.

For those bringing their Beemers, they have a free and massive parking space in the basement. For the majority of us, worry not as the area is very Grab-friendly (and Uber).


Here’s my favorite part of the gym — the GYM! For starters, the place is unbelievably huge, there are 2 large-sized boxing rings, a mini weight room and a moderate space for HIIT. See related post here on how HIIT affects metabolism. 

You’ll see 5 different kinds of heavy bags and a couple of speed bags. The entire place is well-ventilated and dust-free, not to mention the music rocks. Would you have guessed that this is my most-adored Elorde gym?

You can purchase refreshment on the counter or watch Ang Probinsyano with the instructors at the mini lounge. There are also standard shower rooms for guys and gals. Now, you probably see some paint on the floor getting peeled off but this is a result of normal wear-and-tear. It might look like they need a new paint job anytime soon but trust me, it will not bother you one bit. Plus, you ain’t there as an interior design consultant. Bro, you’re there to train!

boxing ring #1


Annual Membership: 1000

Standard pricing. Not too low, not too high.

Boxing: 200

This appears to be Elorde‘s trademark, though I would still “buy” if they decide to hike together with the oil price.

Muay Thai: 300

As a hardcore Muay Thai enthusiast, 300 is definitely worth every penny (or centavo). In other words, the rate is up to par with the market price.

***Save 500 PHP on their 10-session package that you can use in 30 days 

***Students, kids and our beloved senior citizens can enjoy a 20% discount. 

***Add 100 per session of sparring with the awesome coaches! Protective gears are provided.

Gym Use: 100

Whether you are on a recovery period or just want to get a jump-start after burning the midnight oil, feel free to use all their facilities for just a hundred pesos! (Gym Use is basically without a one-on-one training session with an instructor)

(For those who seem to be busy all day and happen to forget to bring their boxing gloves and/or hand wraps like me, just borrow nicely from your instructor and they’ll be happy to oblige.)



Before I start with this review, here’s a little bit of fun fact for you guys: Elorde Gilmore is the gym I go to on a regular basis. It’s basically my home gym after Elorde Edsa-Mandaluyong closed down. This is the place that welcomed me wholeheartedly and helped me move on when a previous long-term “gymlationship” went down the drain. I tried, believe me, I tried. But in the end, I was the receiving party who got the “it’s not you, it’s me” excuse. 

That’s what I meant when I said that this is my “gym to cry on”. So in the spirit of equality and fairness, in this section, I’ll skip the “experience” part. And instead, I’ll describe the facility as a whole, as much as I can. Trust me I won’t let you leave empty-handed. 

the HIIT area

Elorde Gilmore is the gym where my skills were honed and polished — this is where my straight right hand became my strongest weapon. It wasn’t only until this year that I was able to perfect such a very dangerous punch if executed correctly. Thanks to my coach/training partner/buddy-who-always-beat-me-up at sparring for his stellar advice. (You know who you are.)

This place also happens to be a “celebrity” gym — this is where the likes of JC De Vera (he’s so much pogi in person), Marc Abaya and Nico Antonio spend their hours off-cam. Yes, ladies, I ain’t kidding. I even see some of them twice in a week. And yes, you can absolutely take photos with them, you silly fangirl you. 

boxing ring #2


One of the day-to-day activities in this war room is sparring. Sparring session is the closest you’ll get into an actual fight (professional or otherwise). This gym is equipped with trainers who at one point in their life, became world-class champs. These are the instructors whom I see spar with their students (with protective gear of course) every day.

There will come a time you’ll have to defend a loved one, a relative or the weak. And you are the only one who can protect them, what do you do? The simplest way to prepare for this is to SPAR! After all, what will you do with all the training without doing real boxing, right? Sparring with your coaches would be the smartest way to simulate a REAL fight, and there’s no better place for newbies to do that than in Elorde Gilmore

the mini weight room

Overall, the instructors are incredibly fun and are very receptive. Some would even offer you coffee in the morning. Oh, and if you love to dance, there are coaches that dance into any music that involves “swing” on it, or any classic dance moves for that matter. The worst part is, they dance whenever they want, wherever they want! And they don’t care if there’s 30 or 40 students. How dare they! Wait until they play Despacito. Ha ha!



To reiterate, this gym is where you’ll see me most of the time. I wouldn’t last 3 yrs (and counting) here if it doesn’t meet my gym-expectations. This is where I spend my times of happiness and sorrow, this where I developed my own Longclaw, where my techniques were forged to become as mighty as that of Valyrian Steel. 

Aside from the spacious area, the wonderful coaches and the lively ambiance, this gym is a good 45-minute drive from my home. So if all these are not enough to spark the curious cat in you, I don’t know what will.

the Muay Thai guys and gals of Elorde Mandaluyong @ Elorde Gilmore


Have I told you that this is my favorite gym? I know that my opinion to you doesn’t really hold much water, so it’s better that you find out for yourself. Let me know if Elorde Gilmore is a boxing gym worth investing your time in. You may also check their Facebook page here.

See you guys at the gym!


(This is a sponsored post.)

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