Elorde Maceda Boxing Gym Review

Behold one of the seasoned players in the boxing community in Sampaloc, Metro Manila. “The Pain Station” are the words I would use to describe Elorde Maceda Boxing Gym. To all the Manileños and Manileñas, allow me the opportunity to explain why.

HOW TO GET THERE – before anything else, Boxeo Elorde is the former name of Elorde Maceda. Don’t get confused with what you see in Google Maps. The one you see above, “Boxed Elorde Inc” is where the gym is located. (Don’t ask me why it say so in Google Maps.) The gym is at 1555 A. Maceda St., Sampaloc, Manila.

The place is pretty easy to find. From UST (University of Santo Tomas), take Piy Margal St., head left to M. Dela Fuente St., turn right to Makiling St., then another right to Maceda St. 200 meters out you will have arrived at the gym. Or you can always take LRT and alight at Blumentritt Station then take a quick tricycle ride. The choice is up to you.

There’s parking space (free) in front of the gym which I estimate can fit 3 cars. Oh and the flooring has been elevated enough to withstand the famous “España floods” so you can get skinny-fit all season long.




Just like its former name, the gym is literally a box. It’s a medium-sized area shaped like a perfect square with a boxing gym right at the center. There’s 3 heavy bags, a couple of double end bags and a monkey bar on the left hand side. There’s a speed ball area on the right hand side. On both corners you’ll see a sit up & pull up machine, and a mini weight room full of dumbbells and kettlebells.

The facility also has a couple of shower rooms for the ladies and gent’s. There’s a staircase that leads to heaven (or close to it). In one look, the entire place is well-maintained. In fact, when I arrived there was a lady sweeping the floor.

What was a little off for me was the gym’s design. It looked a lot like a certain driving school in the metro. The painting and choice of colors could have already been outdated, in my opinion. I may revisit this comment when I’m finished studying interior design (in my dreams).

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Annual Membership: 1000

This price is spot on. You couldn’t get this any cheaper elsewhere.

Boxing: 200

This is right around the reasonable price. Market price is around 150-300 per session. Get a whopping 25% off with 10 sessions.

Muay Thai: 300

This follows our rule of thumb which is, boxing fee + 100. Avail of the 10 sessions to get 500 PHP discount.

For a bigger bang for your buck and for the serious people who want to get insanely fit real quick, go for the monthly unlimited sessions!

* A special discount applies to seniors, students and kiddies!

Want to use the facility without the assistance of a trainer? No problem. Just pay for 100 php for a “Gym Use”.



It was yet another scorching Saturday afternoon when I visited a boxing and Muay Thai gym. (Although I prefer an “inviting” sun over a gloomy day when training.) As soon as I walked through the door I heard Eminem’s rap music banging the place, the loud thud made by the student’s shin as it hit the heavy bag, together with the “ssshhh” that he made with every heavy kick thrown.

Ahh, music to my ears! I immediately felt the energy emanating from the room. “Let’s do this!”, I told myself.

Gabriel “Flash” Elorde

I was assigned a Muay Thai trainer who instructed me to stretch right from the get go. He then guided me through the different stretching routines. Afterwards, he told me to deliver 40 kicks to the pole bag on each foot, 20 knees and elbows to the heavy bag. I obliged.

Now what surprised me was what he said as soon as I finished – “Let’s go up and do pad work”.  Oh my golly this coach is all about business! No kidding, as soon as I heard the bell go ding ding, we went at it.

The first round was mitt work, the second and third were Muay thai pad training. Did I get tired? You bet your ass I did! I usually do 30 mins of warm up exercise (running, shadow boxing and a few heavy bag hitting) before I go guns blazing on the pads with my trainer. So basically this was an entirely new zone for me.

I rested and told my coach that I was just going to take some photos of the place (but really it was a pitiful excuse to extend my rest). No shame in that, bro.

After a much-needed recovery, he walked me towards the side. He then showed me the different exercises that I would do one after the other. It goes in this sequence:

  • 10 reps of shadow box (punches) while holding a 3-lb dumbbell on a squat position
  • 10 spiderman-like push ups
  • 1 jump squat followed by suicide then 1 pull up
  • 6 reps of medicine ball throw to the ground
  • 1 jump squat followed by suicide then 1 pull up
  • 20 reps of battle rope work
  • 10 reps of lunges while doing a military press with the kettlebells
  • and finally a sprint around the ring

That is ONE set. I did 3. I started to hate life. And at that very moment, “The Pain Station” was born.

the battle rope, medicine ball, dumbbells, kettle bells (from left to right) & the monkey bar above AKA The Pain Station

After a lengthy rest, he walked me again to the opposite side like a royal princess. He then started to jump on the 3-ft wooden box and did 5 squats. He pulled out what looked like spare tire of a 16-wheeler truck and started flipping it over from the ground until it reached the the other side and back.

Acting like a toddler throwing tantrums, he took yet another spare tire but this time a small one. He pushed it towards the corner slowly while walking short of air. Smiling at me like a lost clown he whispered, “Your turn”.

The Pain Station has a part 2! I did 3 sets, I had no choice but to finish the killer workout. My surroundings almost went black and you could literally hear the little bronchioles of my lungs beg for air. My hatred for the universe continued for about 2 minutes. I took another round of rest then we did some more lighter exercises.

We went back and did some low impact exercises at the original Pain Station: Ladder training + Monkey bar pull ups. The intensity level of this one was way lower than the previous 2 circuit training workout.

^one of the skinny fit girls doing the tire flip


As if my small muscles weren’t beaten enough, he instructed me to do 2 rounds of speed ball training, 2 rounds of double-end bag work and sit ups with the use of the pull-up machine. After the grueling day of endless training, he showed me this Daniel Padilla smile.

“It’s time to go upstairs.”

Giggling like a little boy, I followed him upstairs and we arrived at their “stretch and massage area”. As the name implies, no one is allowed there except for those cooling down. How cool is that! As expected, my badly battered human body was pampered by Elorde’s patented post-workout massage.

the mini weight room



The whole training session lasted for two and a half hours. My trainer asked if I wanted to do some more exercises to which I politely declined. I had literally zero left in me. They would have to carry me home had I done another minute of workout.

Now going back to our pad session, I felt there was something missing. Although I got extremely tired, I somehow sensed that he’s a boxer who learned to teach Muay Thai eventually. I may be wrong but I felt that I was being molded to be a boxer more than a Thai fighter.

I’m not taking anything away from him as I truly enjoyed his killer circuit training program. Maybe I just love the sport so much that I notice details such as this. Again, I can be 100% wrong and I’m not discounting the fact that he has some vicious training program that I got a sweet taste of.



The price, the ring, the equipment, the training program and everything put together, I would absolutely recommend this place to anyone who wants put some serious sweat.

So there you go. I hope you can share me some of your experience with Elorde Maceda Boxing Gym, too. For anything I missed, you can visit their Facebook page here.

Thanks again for reading and see you in my next gym review!


(This is a sponsored post.)

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