Elorde Southbox – Daang Hari Gym Review

Sawadee krap! Or simply “hello” or “hi” in English is what you’ll hear from the natives in Thailand. In Elorde Southbox – Daang Hari, you may get a feel of the same Thai-like environment. In this gym review, I am stoked to explain to you why.

HOW TO GET THERE – the gym is located at Seaside, Daang Hari Road, Las Pinas. The easiest way to get there is by going to Northgate Cyberzone (one of the oldest call center capitals of the South) then coast along Alabang-Zapote Road, 2 kilometers out you’ll see Investment Drive (that points towards Alabang West) turn left and just head straight. In another 2 kilometers, you should arrive at your destination.

For my bro’s who are commuting, there are UV Express vans and yellow multicabs that go to Cavite, that you can take from South Station, Alabang. For everything else, there’s our beloved TNVS (Uber/Grab).

The gym is on the right side of the road located in the Seaside. Yes, sea foods! The place is much like Dampa – Seaside Macapagal although a little smaller. The gym is strategically placed right beside the wet market for those wanting to shed off seafood calories right after the buffet. (I kid, of course.) Oh and there’s a space in front for parking (free) with a decent size.



The gym looks like a big box that’s pretty much similar to Elorde Maceda (click for my review here) except more spacious. There’s a boxing ring in the middle and on the sides are a few heavy bags, circuit training and ab workout station with mirrors on the right side of the wall.

I like the fact that they have a monkey bar because you know, I like to “monkey” around. They also have a ladder workout area for serious fighters who’d like to sharpen their foot-eye coordination.

There are basic shower rooms for guys and gals. The equipment is very much kept in order – so the whole place is generally well-maintained. The gym gives off a “province-ish” vibe and at the same time, you’d feel like you’re in a tourist spot. Seafoods maybe? I don’t know. This is probably how everyone from the South feels (I’m from the North).

the boxing ring

See also: Elorde Maceda, Elorde Plus – BF Homes Elorde Reyes.


Annual Membership: 1000

Our ideal dish. Not too sweet, not too spicy. Just right for our hungry taste buds, so to speak.

Boxing: 200

Sweet spot. Just around our price range. There’s a 50 PHP discount for our hard-working students. Take advantage of much more discount with the 10 & Unlimited Sessions!

Muay Thai: 300

This is compliant with our boxing fee + 100 rule. Same discount applies to students. Special price for 10 & Unlimited sessions apply!

MMA: 350

I’m assuming this covers general No-Gi BJJ (Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu) and striking. Regardless, the price is still reasonably OK.

*They don’t have rentals for gloves/hand wraps so bring your own gear and I forbid you to borrow.



Now to our most exciting gym visit, shall we? I arrived at this gym on a Saturday whilst the sun was solely focused on burning people’s helpless skins. As soon as I walked towards the entrance, I heard Andrew Taggart‘s electro-dance music serenading the gym. I thought I was in a Chainsmokers’ concert. 

The music and the ambiance were very conducive to an intense training session. Needless to say, I was pumped! My juices were flowing even more the moment I saw this banner:

The logo that you’re seeing is the trademark logo of Muay Thai Association of the Philippines or MAP. MAP is a legitimate organization of Muay Thai coaches in the Philippines. There are several branches all over the country. I was uber-delighted to see that Elorde Southbox – Daang Hari is in partnership with MAP.

Ladies and gentlemen, whenever you see this logo in a gym, note to yourself that you are up for a legitimate Muay Thai training. This is not to be taken lightly because most coaches of MAP are either retired or active fighters.

The majority of them conduct their training and seminar in Thailand. I was one of the few lucky students who started to learn the sport from a branch in Makati. Expect that the trainers would be as authentic as they come and be prepared to experience a Thai-like training (or ass-kicking) session.

I wasn’t even surprised to see one coach doing pad session (I learned later that he was preparing for an MMA fight) and another shadow-boxing in the ring. I started loving the gym more and more.

coach “Rush” hitting the large Thai pads

The gym has 3 Muay Thai coaches and at least 4 boxing trainers on any given day. Now this coach who was assigned to me introduced himself, “Hi Sir, I’m Kru Ivan. Your trainer for today.” Okay, for your information, Ivan is his name and a little trivia for those that don’t know what “Kru” means – it is what the Thai’s address their coaches with.

Some would argue that a Kru is a higher level than a regular Muay Thai “trainer”. But the only thing you need to know for this review is, Kru = Teacher. So for sake of this review, we will address the coach/trainer as Kru. Oooyye!

Before the grueling workout, Kru Ivan gave me a brief introduction & history of Muay Thai. This thing right here just confirmed my assumptions and solidified all my expectations. I knew right then & there that I was going to get a quality training session.

the circuit/ladder training area

Here’s how my workout looked like:

  • warm up jog for 2 rounds (6 mins)
  • static stretching (approx 3 mins)
  • warm up training with the cones AKA the Elorde Express workout for 2 sets (approx 10 mins)
  • dynamic stretching (approx 5 mins)
  • 3 rounds of Thai pad work (approx 10 mins)
  • 3 rounds of supervised heavy bag work – anything goes (approx 10 mins)
  • another 3 rounds of Thai pad work (approx 10 mins)
  • 1 round of alternate kick to the pads (approx 3 mins)
  • ladder workout (approx 5 mins)

After the ladder workout with one of the stay-in Kru’s (who’s also an active fighter), I politely asked to be left alone so I can ponder and reflect on my goals in life. Just kidding, of course. I was too tired go on any further so I just grabbed the mat and laid there for a while.

When I had mustered the energy to resume, I finished the whole workout with a few sets of ab exercise and stretched to cool down.

the students doing their thing



The whole training session took an hour and a half to end. Let me emphasize that the pad workout was 100% technical. What I mean by this is the entire pad work was focused on proper execution of the Muay Thai techniques.

the skinny guy vs the monkey bar

Every elbow or knee I threw, I was instructed to do with proper form. Kru was obsessed with going back and perfecting the basics. I could not agree more. Why? Keep in mind that the champions are masters of the basics. The strongest buildings are built on the strongest foundations.

Training aside, what also caught my attention was the number of coaches/fighters training in the gym. When you are training in a gym that has active competitors – it is a sign that point towards “quality”. Boxing gyms are supposed to produce boxers.

Point being, if you’ve been training for quite a while and have plans on stepping in the ring someday (you should), you need to train in a gym with active fighters. Good trainers are good, but good fighters are better. Remember, the apple does not fall far from the tree. So if you want to win, you need to train in a place with winners.



Based on this experience alone, there’s no doubt that I would come back to this place. And possibly, maybe consider it as my primary training gym, if not for the very long drive. Other than that, I have nothing to give them but a thumbs up!

So there you go, I hope you guys liked my review of Elorde Southbox – Daang Hari. Let me know of your own experience should you decide to pay a visit to this place. For more info, you may check their facebook page here.

Feel free to drop a comment below. Once again, thank you for reading my review and I’ll catch you again on my next one!


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