F.I.S.T. Gym – Timog Avenue Review

F.I.S.T Gym – Timog Avenue is a complete training facility that offers boxing, Muay Thai & MMA. Located in one of the streets in the metro that never sleeps, let’s go and take a look at this gym along the famous Timog Avenue.

HOW TO GET THERE – the gym is on the 3rd floor of Gil-Preciosa Bldg, Timog Ave., Diliman, Quezon City. The building is beside Plaza Ibarra where PBCom Bank & Cake-to-Go are also located. It is nearly impossible for you not to find this gym as I don’t recall any cab drivers who don’t know Timog Avenue. Timog Avenue or simply “Timog” is one of the areas in Metro Manila where you’ll want to go when you become lonely and need that “nightlife”.

The place is literally filled with bars and restaurants. I’m pretty sure you’ve been to this place one or twice. If you haven’t already, I recommend you to swing by one of the bars there but that’s not our topic now, is it? Perhaps I’ll do club reviews in future (you never know). By the way, they also have their own parking space (free) on the inside of the building.



No, there’s nothing wrong with the photo above. The picture you’re seeing is edited in purpose. Before I started with the training session, I took pictures of the whole place because you know, that’s what I do. I love all of you and I wanna help you guys start your journey towards fitness.

If you haven’t already realized, I want to help you in deciding whether or not a gym is suited for you. Sharing to you my experience in these gyms is one of the ways I can do so. And part of the whole process is me taking photos of each place to show all of you.

credits to the owner

Unfortunately, this time, my photo-sharing abilities is limited to the one you see above. One of the owners of this gym did not give me permission to share the photos of the place and their students. When I was taking pictures, one of the owners questioned why I was taking a video (I wasn’t).

I told her the pictures are for my blog and that I wouldn’t share any photos of the students with their faces without their permission. She was aggressive with the subject and asked me a lot of questions. She even questioned my being a “non-member” of the gym, so I just dropped it and decided to just go on with the training.

I may have touched a nerve without me knowing ’cause she made it pretty clear that she is not okay with it. So out of respect for her, I won’t post them here. Sorry to disappoint you guys.

Going back to the topic, the size of the facility is pretty decent for a training gym. There are about 4 heavy bags and 1 speedball station. The most notable thing was the mat area. It comprised 80% of the entire place and I did not see any kind of ring. What does this mean to me? It basically tells me that FIST Gym may be an MMA Gym, or at least MMA/grappling is their sport of focus.



Annual Membership: 700

Nowadays, this has got to be one of the cheapest in the market.

Boxing: 200 

200 PHP absolutely hits our sweet spot. Take advantage of the 500 discount with the 10-session package of 2000 per month. You can also get it as low as 100/day for their unlimited monthly session for 3000. 

Muay Thai: 250

This price point violates (in a good way obviously) our boxing fee + 100 rule. Same 500 discount applies for the 10-session package. The 3200 PHP unlimited monthly session is valued at 107/day!

They also have a “weekend warrior” promo every Friday which is 100/session of boxing and 150/session of Muay Thai. Not bad my friends, not bad.

MMA: 300

This price is competitive. Get a 200 PHP discount with their 4-session per month package at 1000.

*Bring your own gear as they don’t have rentals for gloves and hand wraps



Before I was allowed to workout, the attendant handed me a surprisingly familiar piece of paper. It’s a two-page document that you have to sign to confirm that you have NO cardiovascular (heart) problems or have not been diagnosed by a doctor of the same. 

It’s somehow similar to the Waiver of Liability that I signed when I went to Elite Ortigas – Emerald Gym. They may have different headers but the general idea is pretty obvious.

credits to the owner

It translates to: “The management will not be held responsible for any injury or health problems that may arise while you are training in our gym”. This means you have to be medically cleared before you can train here. 

As you may have expected, I signed the darn thing. 

There are about 7 trainers in the gym and only one of which is a Muay Thai instructor. He introduced himself very politely and told me to warm up first then stretch.

There was another Muay Thai student that came so the trainer had to attend to both of us at the same time. I warmed up as instructed but I couldn’t run around the gym due to its limited space so I just did jump rope exercise for 2 rounds. 

The coach that was assigned to me was a former boxer and an active MMA fighter. I have to admit, he was so approachable and kind. He even taught me some of the unique Muay Thai techniques that he used to knock-out some of his opponents. Cool!

6 rounds of intense pad session with him have passed and I enjoyed every minute of it. So far, he’s one of the trainers whom I learned real, valuable Muay Thai lessons from. I swear the technique that he taught me will be with me forever. 

When I thought I was already getting enough new secrets, he teaches me another workout to help me “explode” and make my kick faster. Whether true or not, I believed him and did the exercise as told.

image taken from manrepeller.com

Though I was very satisfied with the workout with my trainer, I could see the owner in my peripherals giving me an unpleasant stare. It made me uncomfortable throughout. 



Having a coach that gives you so much value while having one of the owners give you a “get the f**k out of my gym” look the entire time puts you in a predicament. You want to stay because you want to learn more but the person who owns the place doesn’t want you there.

What should you do when you are put in this tough spot? It’s like loving someone who doesn’t love you back. The question is, are you willing to make that sacrifice? (This one’s a hugot-line)



Needless to say, I wanted to stay longer but didn’t. Did I tell you that I loved the time I had with the coach but not the time I had with the place? It wasn’t horrible but it surely wasn’t what I was expecting.

If I had to sum it up, my overall experience with F.I.S.T. Gym – Timog Avenue was almost unbearable. Oh and for the record, I am NEVER coming back to this gym.  

That’s all for now guys! Thank you again for your time and I’ll catch you in my next gym review!


(Disclaimer: I was not paid in cash or any kind by FIST Gym management or its affiliates to make this review.)

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