Flyweight Group Boxing Studio Review

Located at the glamorous Eight Forbestown Road, Taguig, this boxing studio of the district will surely make your entire operations department sweat. Flyweight Group Boxing Studio is perfectly suited for the overtime-maniacs and the 12 hours-a-day executives of BGC, Taguig.

Get ready to throw your “I don’t have time” excuse out the window as the place is just a walk away from your office, you lazy bastards (to the lazy bastards of BGC only).

HOW TO GET THERE the place is a good 10-minute walk from The Fort Strip, if you plan on commuting via BGC bus. There’s pay parking available in the basement of Eight Forbestown Road, right beside Robinson’s Selection and another one across the street along Rizal Drive.

8 Forbestown Road is packed with foreign restaurants, top-notch drinking bars, lavish party clubs, coffee shops and gyms alike. It doesn’t get any more opulent than that.


What is Flyweight Group Boxing Studio?

Flyweight is a dashy boxing studio that offers a somewhat Tae-bo type of fitness workout that incorporates boxing (and some Muay Thai) techniques with the use boxing gloves and punching bags. From the term itself, it is a group workout. 

If you’ve ever been to indoor cycling, Zumba or Yoga classes, Flyweight will pretty much remind you of that experience. An instructor will be talking to you with a mic (and you better listen) to guide you on the drills that you’ll be doing. But instead of yoga mats placed in front of you, each is paired with a tall heavy bag.

There are around 8-20 heavy bags for each student depending on the class you take (you are not allowed to use others’ but your assigned bag only) and each bag has its own clean towel.


These are the core classes offered by the studio:

Contender: perfect for those who haven’t touched a punching bag in their life. This is a great introduction to boxing – 6 Rounds of Heavy Bag Basics with low-impact exercises.

Challenger: their flagship program – 6 Rounds of Combos on the Heavy Bag with Isometrics and Plyometrics.

Champion: intense and exhilarating – 9 Furious Rounds with Burpees, Jump Squats, and Plank variations, among other exercises. 

They also offer complimentary Boxing 101 sessions as a refresher course every month. This pretty much covers the basics of boxing: technique, footwork & head movement. Some drills and light bag work are included and you get to ask your coach questions about boxing – call it boxing for dummies if you will.



Okay let’s break this thing down one by one:

Walk-in – for 1,000 PHP. Are you kidding me?
Flypack – is a one-time promo wherein you get 300/session. That’s 5 workouts good for 2 weeks (great deal).

3-pack – 950/session good for 1 month.

6-pack – 917/session good for 45 days. (not much of a difference with 3-pack)

10-pack – 855/session good for 2 months with additional 2 Boxing 101 sessions, you’re given a “Priority Waitlist” and an Advanced Booking.

20-pack – 745/session good for 4 months with Priority Waitlist and Advanced Booking.    


My take: 

Unless you can get the Flypack for eternity, their pricing for me is ludacris! 900 a night, in my opinion, is a waste of my hard-earned money. You know how many huge caramel beers I can get with that amount? Answer: around 3. But I don’t live in the lavish neighborhood of Forbestown now so take this with a grain of salt. 


the studio

1)Book a bag – Create an account thru the site, choose a class and schedule (or your preferred coach) as you would in booking your promo flights.

*Weekly schedules are released every Sunday. 

2)Store your valuables in the locker – when you arrive at the gym, confirm your bag booking at the front desk and store your stuff upstairs in the locker area.

3)Get your wraps & gloves – head back downstairs to get your hand wraps and gloves on. You don’t need to have your own gear as they are already provided by the gym.

4)Go to your assigned bag – get inside the studio and wait for your instructor to give you an ass-kicking! (of a work out)

Sounds a little complex, eh? If you’re like me, then you’re probably the type who just wants to get a good old-fashioned workout without going through the “online booking” process. I just want to train, bro. Although on the flip side, the management would know everyone in the studio. Hint: security.  



The work-mates and I attended their Contender class. As advertised, the 45-minute workout was full of basic boxing routines and a dynamic application of the drills to the heavy bag. It was only in that gym that I experienced to do squats while throwing combinations in the heavy bag!

I was surprised they incorporated knees too. Every routine was strictly timed but you may go at your own pace. If you get extremely tired in the middle of a routine, you may slow down (not rest) and work your pace back up as you recover. 

You’d feel as though you’re on another continent because the staff and trainers speak English! (Prepare your tissues.) You can hear the bang of the bass as the loud music amps you up. But the fully air-conditioned studio won’t be able contain your sweat, this I promise. The program ended with ab-workout and stretching to finally cap off the night. Overall, the workout was “medium-rare” intense.

the most famous attendant


Now here’s my takeaway from this grinding, albeit short-lived workout: 


  • you go at your own pace (you can hide behind the bags when really tired)
  • it’s a group exercise (a lively atmosphere)
  • you can go by yourself (if Karen ditches you)
  • you get a great workout (good for the heart)
  • they’re all about the bass (no treble)


  • you go at your own pace (this doesn’t really bring out the best in you)
  • there’s 20 of you and only one coach (he/she can’t see you all the time)
  • not enough focus on the technique (it’s more of a cardio workout)
  • no simulation of real boxing (punching bags don’t punch back)
  • unhygienic practice: sharing of used gloves & wraps (would you let Mary wear your bra?)


the working guys and gals of BGC

By the way, you can’t bring your phone inside the studio. They’re pretty strict about it. Sorry guys, no selfie’s until the training is done. 


Additional Considerations

Here are the 2 things you should keep in mind before trying out this boxing studio:


1) What do you prefer?  

Does it challenge you more when you are coached by your trainer closely?  Or do you enjoy working out with a group of people? 

2) What are your fitness goals? 

Do you have plans on competing someday? Or you just want to feel that boxing experience without getting punched in the face while losing a few pounds? 

I leave that thought to you.



Regardless, I will still have my hammer to smash and declare that Flyweight Group Boxing Studio is NOT my cup of tea. This place is perfect for those who couldn’t step inside a gym without a “gym buddy”. 

I would probably return to this place only if you guys give me a free pass (I’ll be bringing my own boxing gloves, that’s non-negotiable).

So there you go. I hope I was able to help you decide in choosing your training gym. See you again in my next review!

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(Disclaimer: I was not paid in cash or any kind by Flyweight Group Boxing Studio management or its affiliates to make this review.Images were taken from their website at & facebook account at

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