How to lose weight using one key concept: metabolism




Eat more frequently. Preferably every 3 hours.

Before you act like a confused puppy, know that the amount of food you consume should only be enough that you don’t feel full. One guide that you can use is the size of your fist. Eating healthy foods is a no-brainer. Make sure to make it a balanced diet. Remember go, grow, and glow?

As you digest food, your body’s metabolism engine starts to get going. You want to make sure that your engines are always on the grind in a manner that you only consume what you have stored. It’s like having enough gasoline for your car every 10 miles or so. In this way, you avoid storage of unused calories. Note: anything that you consume, that you don’t use is later stored as fat.


Never skip breakfast. Starving to death is not an option either.

Our body is the most magnificently engineered creation of all time. When you wake up and face the challenges of the day without a trace of food in your stomach, your body senses this madness. As a result, it slows down your metabolism to continue its normal function. What’s worse is your body will look for other sources of energy such as your muscle. That’s right, the more you starve, the more your hard-earned muscles are put to waste.

By not skipping breakfast, you avoid other chain reactions harmful to your body such as mood disorder, cognitive impairment and increased risk for diabetes, to name a few.


Again let’s take a look at our formula to weight loss:

Increased metabolism = increased fat-burning, increased fat-burning = rapid weight loss


Note that metabolism slows down with age (some say that the 26th year is the starting line) but with a little knowledge about physiology, we can fight our way to reaching our fitness goals.

So those are my 2 tips on how you can manipulate your body into speeding up its metabolism. I’m not a fan of dieting (who doesn’t love to eat?) that’s why I make sure I’m always physically active (and I love working out). 

Either way, I hope you have learned something from this article. Let me now if you have any comments or suggestions by leaving a reply below!


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