Level X Fitness Gym Review

Tired of the old-fashioned lift hard or go home routine? If you’re thinking about adding some spice to your boring workout, you might wanna level up your A game at Level X Fitness Gym.

HOW TO GET THERE – the gym is located at Unit 217 BUMA Bldg, 9595 Kamagong St., Brgy. San Antonio, Makati City. It’s a good 5-minute walk from Shopwise. If you’re a certified Makati Girl, it’s impossible for you to miss this place. For the hardcore commuters, the jeepney’s traveling along Chino Roces/Pasong Tamo is the way to go. Disembark at Kamagong St. and the place is just 20 steps away (or more).

There’s a parking space (free) dedicated to Level X Fitness Gym clients only (insert smiley face here). The gym is alongside a KTV bar and a couple of restaurants. Who needs a workout when you can just eat and sing ’til you drown in booze? As tempting as it may be, we’ll take a rain check on that one. 

the facade



The entire area is equipped with air-conditioning. This is one of the things that makes my life happy. The facade has a stylish modern design that makes you wanna walk in without hesitation. The interior, in my opinion, looks like a first-class hotel! They have wooden flooring and lights that are absolutely lavish. The equipment are maintained in excellent condition, everything to me is just spotless.

view from the inside

The gym has 2 key areas, 1) the weight/cardio room, & 2) the gym classroom. The main room consists of 4 treadmills, a few weight racks, and several weight-lifting equipment. Another room inside is where they conduct the different classes such as Zumba & Spartan, among many others.

There’s a locker room for your valuables and a water dispenser – you can get drinking water free of charge. They don’t have their own restroom but the building has a shared one located outside.

The facility is not just your ordinary weight-lifting or bakal (English translation: steel) gym. They have a wide range of scheduled classes to fit your fitness needs.

The Group Classes

view from the outside

Spartan – the meanest of them all. Wondering how you can lose weight quickly? Circuit training is the way to go. A friendly warning: they turn off the air-conditioning to make your fats suffer even more!

Abs Blaster – from the term itself, it’s all but ab grinding exercises. This is where your 6 packs pop up!

Mix dance – burn calories while you channel your inner Britney! Oops, I did it again. 

Zumba Shake/Zumba Groove – similar to Mix dance except it has more core and hip movement.

Powerball –  only for those who got some balls! (pun intended)

Yoga – want to achieve peace while burning decent calories?  Is your body battered from the previous day’s punishment? Yoga is perfect for recovery.

Personal Training – what better way to achieve your fitness goals than to have an expert tailor-fit a training program for you?



There are 3 components of their pricing, 1) the duration, 2) the number of sessions with a personal trainer, and 3) the number of installment. 

What’s unique about Level X Fitness Gym is their flexible payment. 

Let’s analyze the ones with the check mark as these are the most popular choices.

14,450: 6 months + 3 months free = 9 months of membership that includes unlimited use of the facilities and classes plus 12 sessions with a personal trainer at 5-time installment (2,890 per paycheck). 

This package features longer membership but lesser sessions with a personal trainer. Geared towards the more advanced-level individuals. 

Divide this by 9 months and you’re basically paying for 1,605 per month of service. Ideally, you would consume the 12 sessions in the first month until you can finally stand on your own. 

25,317: 3 months + 2 months free = 5 months plus 36 sessions at 6-time installment (4219.50 per paycheck). 

This package features more sessions with a personal trainer at a lesser time.

25,317/5 months = 5063.40 per month of service value.

I suggest you consume all the sessions in 3 months or less, to help you achieve your fitness goals more quickly. 

23,200: 6 months plus 28 sessions at 6-time installment (3,867 per paycheck). 

Regular package. Also at 3,867 per month value. Personally, I like the 25,317 package more because of the extra sessions with a personal trainer. 

Basically, the less experience you have, the more sessions you will need. The more advanced you are, the longer gym membership is preferred. 



I attended their Spartan Class and I was amazed by how many girls were there. The men were badly out-numbered. Out of 8 attendees, there was only one guy besides myself. 

Where’s my men?! Where’s my men?!

This only tells you how men are lazier than women and why women live longer than us. SMH (shake my head). As mentioned earlier in this post, the AC was turned off in the middle of the program. Brutal? We’re about to find out.

The class commenced at 8:50 in the evening. Immediately, the instructor had us do warm-up exercises. Here’s how it went down:

  • plank (1-minute)
  • oblique sit-ups with a 10-lb weight (1-minute)
  • plank (1-minute)
  • oblique sit-ups with a 10-lb weight (1-minute)
  • burpee with knee raise (1-minute)
  • push-ups (1-minute)

So much for a ‘warm-up’, eh? There were no rests in-between, the only breather we had was water break. Then, the instructor and one assistant bring in a bunch of equipment. They set up the room with battle ropes, TRX suspension bands, a big-ass medicine ball, Yoga mats, a couple of 20-lb dumbbells and Bosu balls! 

One exercise was assigned to each of us, which we were to do for one minute. Once done, we were to rotate exercise or what I refer to as ‘station’. We hopped to another station until everyone was done with all the exercises. Imagine, 8 of us doing different routines simultaneously for 8 minutes without rest.

This is Sparta! (Spartan)



We then had our last water break before we did cool down stretching. The class lasted for approx. 20 minutes and all of my muscles were ‘activated’ the whole time. My arms, shoulders, core, glutes, and legs were all engaged. Although the entire class was tiring, it was not intense enough for me to hate the universe.

My heart rate was definitely up the whole time but I felt that the class ended too soon. The instructor wanted to punish us with one more set of rotation but the crying ladies refused like a jealous girlfriend. Maybe because it was already late in the evening?

the ‘classroom’

In addition, there was a long gap between the warm-up exercise and the actual circuit training program. They took so much time setting up the room. By the time they were done, the students were already feeling cold. Needless to say, I wasn’t satisfied with their ‘meanest’ program. 

That being said, I can’t deny the fact that the facilities are kept in tip-top shape. I felt like I was staying in a first-class establishment. The staff is friendly and the instructors are nice enough that you get to joke with them while working out. The environment was absolutely inviting, I tell you that!



Overall, my experience was just an ‘OK’ experience. Nothing made me ‘wow’ but it wasn’t terrible at the same time. To those who are just starting out or those who have been lifting for quite a while who haven’t experienced any circuit training exercise, I’d recommend this gym. For those who have quite some experience in intense sports, I’d rather go elsewhere. But that’s just me. 

So to the newbie, I’d absolutely give Level X Fitness Gym a go. They have tons of classes for you to try, and personal trainers to help you along the way. If money is an issue, they can surely assist you with their flexible payment options. Just ask them and they’d be glad to work something out.

Again, thank you for reading this section of my blog. I’ll catch you again soon!

Do you have any questions? Anything I may have missed about this gym review? Drop a comment below!


(Disclaimer: I was not paid in cash or any kind by Level X Fitness Gym management or its affiliates to make this review.)

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