Rockwell Boxing Gym Review

Wanna know how it feels like to train in a posh boxing gym in Rockwell Center, Makati? I can’t wait to tell you how excited I am to share this experience with you. In fact, I wrote this post an hour after I left the place. So without further ado…

HOW TO GET THERE – No, this isn’t a hotel review (in case you’re wondering). The gym is located at 3F Joya Loft & Towers Hotel South, Rockwell Center, Makati. Rockwell Boxing Gym is a boxing facility founded by the partnership of The Rockwell Club and Elorde Boxing.

The hotel is right in front of Power Plant Mall, along Plaza Drive. For the commuters, “Guadalupe Ilalim” jeepney is the way to go. Drop off should be exactly at Power Plant Mall and within minutes, you’ll reach your destination. If you’re bringing your car, unfortunately, you can’t use the hotel parking as only residents are allowed. There’s pay parking in the mall’s basement, along Plaza Drive.

the entrance


Just by walking around Rockwell Center, you would feel special or a “very important person”. Vehicles are slow-moving, there’s minimal unnecessary noise and there’s plenty of security visible in the area. Plus, they are extra helpful when you’re crossing the street.

I felt I could walk around anytime without getting my man-purse snatched. I guess that’s one of the advantages you get to have when you live in an upper-class neighborhood.

Judging by the looks alone, the gym is definitely a 4-star hotel (or somewhere close). When I arrived at Joya South and asked the reception for the gym’s location, a security personnel walked me towards the elevator. I felt like Justin Bieber for 5 seconds there.

As I opened the glass door, I felt like I walked into an Executive Suite room.

It certainly seemed like a hotel room with a boxing ring at the center, although it looked a little narrow. The place is fully air-conditioned (maxed out), has wooden flooring (imagine basketball court) and it releases a “chill” kind of vibe.

No, not the Netflix and chill kind. They couldn’t turn the music any higher as it would only cause sore throat to your coaches the day after. The gym is literally a condo unit with a boxing and basketball (no kidding) ring inside.

the boxing (and basketball) ring

The entire place is downright clean and spotless, not to mention the design is very hip and classy. You’d be ashamed to do anything nasty to the place. What was kind of a letdown for me was their shower room or lack thereof.

They only have one bathroom for your basic call-of-nature needs and changing. Before we forget, this boxing gym is sitting in a hotel room and hotel rooms don’t usually have more than 1 bathroom (unless you design it yourself).



Membership: Rockwell Boxing Gym is a boxing arm of The Rockwell Club that’s exclusive to its members. (Bummer, I know.)  Although powered by Elorde Boxing, it’s still functioning under the umbrella of the club and unfortunately, membership with all other Elorde branches aren’t recognized. 

Owning a unit or being a legal tenant at Rockwell automatically qualifies for membership.

But it’s a right you may or may not exercise. For an “outsider” who wants to become a member, he has to have someone who is already a member to “sponsor” him so he may avail of the club privileges.

This exclusive membership gives you access not only to Rockwell Boxing Gym but to everything that it has under its roof (pool, other sports clubs, etc.) Membership is equal to perks & privileges and also, fees. For further information regarding the club’s fees, you can see them here.

Monthly Rates: 

Assuming you’re a unit owner or a legal resident of Rockwell Center or have already found a sponsor to become a Rockwell Club member, let’s now discuss the actual gym rates.

the third column has been deleted since the rates are now obsolete

1 Month Unlimited Sessions: 4500 (For Elorde Members) Boxing and/or Muay Thai

Let’s break this down. 4500 / 30 days (1 month) = 150/day. That’s assuming you’ll sleep, eat & breathe boxing. But say you’re anywhere between the “just starting out” crowd and the “boxing fanatic” level and would likely work out 4 times a week.

So that’s 4/wk x 4 weeks/mo = 16 sessions/mo. Now we’ll get our average cost by 4500/16 sessions and we’ll get 281.25  PHP per session. To me, this is not too bad and it’s still within my market price range.

5-sessions: 1600 (For Elorde Members) Boxing and/or Muay Thai

You can consume this in 2 weeks and its value is 320 PHP per session. Now, this just broke out of my ceiling which is 300. But then again you are in Rockwell center.

1-Session: 350

For the weekend warriors, too bad there’s not much attention given to us.

***Obviously, not being an Elorde member is a no-go.

***For those that still don’t have their own gear, gloves and wraps can be rented at 150PHP.



Okay as soon as I saw the place, I already had a preconception that it was just going to be another “luxury crap”. When I saw the lavish design of the facility, the stereotypical side of me took over. In others words, I was already expecting to receive a sub-par training session.

Yes, I shamelessly judged the book by its cover. Not surprisingly, the gym only has 1 Muay Thai trainer and 3 boxing coaches. Freezing to death while wearing an above-the-knee-cut shorts, the trainer advised me to do warm up first for 2 rounds.

It was a great advice. I ran around the tiny place and was made to do another warm up exercise for 2 rounds. Then he told me to throw flying knees to the wall-mounted heavy bag for 2 rounds! Wow, was that a little bit early?

boxing session with a student

After the “warm-up”, I was asked to put on my gloves. “Do we do the pad training now?”, I inquired. “No, you go 2 rounds at the heavy bag first.” He wanted to make sure that I was fully loosened up before the most intense part of the training.

I did as he instructed and after the second round, I got a post-training coaching. He showed me the proper form when throwing a low kick, told me that the kick should be done with a full swing of the hip to achieve maximum power. He also advised me to put my hands up and tuck my chin down all the time.

I didn’t know he was watching me closely like the American Sniper. At that point, I was starting to doubt my prejudgment and was considering to give the gym the benefit of the doubt, if you will. Now came the juiciest part of the training. We went up the ring and before we started, he told me something that goes like this:

“We’ll do the basics first to see how you’re doing then as we progress we’ll turn it up a notch, cool?” 

You bet I was 100% cool with it! You don’t hear this from the majority of the trainers out there. Based on years of experience in different gyms, coaches can get lazy AF. Others would do mitts session with you just so you can get tired. Some don’t even speak to you until you hand them a “tip”.

We started slowly in the beginning. The first minute was a “review” of the techniques then afterwards, it was an all-out war. 4 rounds passed and I left the ring with a refreshed memory of the different techniques and combinations, not to mention tired as hell. He blew me away.




After the “main event”, I tried to extend my rest. Before I could even reach my towel, he stopped me and said, “Where are you going again? Let’s go and resume. That’s enough rest for now.” Believe me, I tried to run but I just couldn’t hide. Being a man who hates excuses, I went with the flow.

So he made me do exercises while holding and throwing the medicine ball (which I’ve used wherever I went since I learned of the exercise). It was a very effective ab workout and functional at the same time. We then did the battle rope exercise for 2 full rounds to finally cap off the night. What an insane training session that was.


One coach: Should I order an Uber ride for you?

Me: No, call an ambulance!


So what did I learn from this experience? When they say don’t judge a book by its cover, it means you don’t judge a book by its cover. This gym not only looks good on the outside but also has the same quality on the inside.

Though lacking in number, the coaches were extremely incredible; at least the one that was assigned to me was. I swear my prejudice with “shiny” things is going to one day, bite me in the ass.



All right! It’s pretty obvious what happened here. I ordered a Thai dish and got a taste of a true Thai dish.

The adage, “you get what you pay for” absolutely applies to this gym and being a skinny guy who loves quality over quantity training, it’s enough for me to give Rockwell Boxing Gym a thumbs up!

That’s it for this review. Thanks for reading and I’ll see you in my next one!


(This is a sponsored post.)

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