TBR Dream Marathon 2018: Week 12

It’s so goooood to be back! Apologies to my avid readers who constantly check on updates on fitness-related goodies and gym reviews. I have been quite busy training for this full marathon, so as you know, I haven’t been writing recently. Again, pardon my blogging hiatus. 

All right! Let’s get on with the good stuff now, shall we?

In exactly 8 weeks, I’ll finally be able to check this one off my bucket list. But you’re probably wondering, how’s my training, right? That makes 2 of us my friend. I’ll tell you my answer in a few paragraphs. 

Here’s just a quick glimpse of my previous post – Week 4 Training
I did the run-walk method of 15:1, in other words, 15 minutes of running followed by 1-minute of walking. The result was a fairly better performance than running the whole stretch. If there’s anything I’ve learned, it’s that rest is KING!

This 60-second rest in-between runs could be the difference between finishing and not finishing the race alive. Believe me when I say I almost do not get tired when running using the run-walk method!

week 12 long run

I was experimenting with the length of “run” I should be doing and discovered that 9:1 for me, hits the spot. 15:1 was a moment of realization, the moment where my old belief was crushed into pieces. It was good in the beginning but as I was approaching the middle part of my long runs, I felt I was not conserving my energy wisely.

So I tried to tighten it up to 3 songs or 12:1 (1 song is usually 3-4 mins) Haha! It felt great! It was a lot better than 15:1, it allowed me more rest thus, better energy consumption. But still, I felt it’s a bit longer than it should be. What if I could run in such pace where I could keep the same energy as I had in the first part of the run?

maintenance run using 9:1 method

“10 minutes”, I said to myself. 10-minute run & 1-minute walk should be the perfect interval for me to be able to finish with a bang! Yes after one go at it, indeed, it felt that 10 minutes is just the missing ingredient in my marathon-finishing recipe. I could almost sprint at this pace but then the OC in me struck back. 10-min run + 1-min walk = 11-minute cycle. I wanted the cycle to be at 10 minutes so I could better track my progress & projection. 

That, my friends, is how I came up with the 9:1 pace. Haha! Most people I know swear on 3:1, 4:1 & 5:1. With 5:1, they can perform at their best, even hitting new PRs according to them. I believe them. 


The Journal

Here’s how my training in the past few weeks looked like:

Week of Oct 16:

  • Monday – Basketball (2 hours)
  • Thursday – Long run (1 hour, 20:1)
  • Sunday – Long run (1 hour, 15:1)

Week of Oct 23:

  • Monday – Cross-training (boxing)
  • Thursday – Maintenance run (1 hour, 15:1)
  • Sunday – Long run (90 minutes, 15:1)

Week of Oct 30:

  • Thursday – Maintenance run (1 hour, 15:1)
  • Saturday – Cross-training (weights)

Week of Nov 6:

  • Monday – Maintenance run (1 hour, 15:1)
  • Tuesday – Basketball (2 hours)
  • Friday – Maintenance run (30 mins)

Week of Nov 13:

  • Monday – Long run (120 minutes, 15:1)
  • Wednesday – Maintenance run (1 hour, 15:1)
  • Thursday – Cross-training (weights)
  • Sunday – Long run (1 hour 45 minutes, 15:1)

Week of Nov 20:

  • Tuesday – Maintenance run (30 minutes) + Shadowboxing
  • Thursday – Cross-training (Muay Thai)
  • Sunday – Long run (2 hours, 12:1) 

Week of Nov 27:

  • Tuesday – Cross-training (Muay Thai)
  • Friday – Cross-training (weights) + maintenance run (45 mins, 10:1)

Week of Dec 4:

  • Monday – Basketball (2 hours)
  • Wednesday – Maintenance run (30 mins) + Bull Circle (core exercises)
  • Thursday – Maintenance run (45 mins, 10:1)
  • Sunday – Long run (2 hours 40 mins, 10-12:1)

Week of Dec 11:

  • Monday – Basketball (2 hours)
  • Tuesday – Cross-training (weights)
  • Wednesday – Maintenance run (45 minutes, 10:1)
  • Sunday – Long run (3 hours, 10:1)

Week of Dec 18:

  • Tuesday – Maintenance run (45 minutes, 9:1)
  • Friday – Maintenance run (45 minutes, 9:1)
  • Saturday – Long run (90 minutes, 9:1) 

And that is it for now! Gotta get back in training. See you in my next update!

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