TBR Dream Marathon 2018: Week 4

Good morning Philippines! It’s been 3 weeks since my last post and boy I can’t tell you how phenomenal training has been! The weather wasn’t very cooperative, one day your skin gets burned, one day huge blocks of rainwater pierce through your scalp. I initially thought there’s no way I could train if this keeps on. Well, that ship has sailed. Thanks to Anytime Fitness Shaw, I could do some groundwork without getting wet (at least for now). 

As y’all know, I started the program late so my Week 3 is their Week 5, Week 4 is their Week 6, so on and so forth. And as I’ve mentioned in my “Week 1 Training” article, I would give the Run-Walk Method a try — that’s all I did! Can you guess what the results were? My goodness, this training technique is life-changing!

I started with an hour-long training that consisted of 4 sets of 15-min run with a minute of rest (walk) in-between. This was my “maintenance” run. The pace (8) was not too fast and not too slow, it’s basically where I am able to breathe through my nose and run comfortably. I increase the pace every set by .5 to 1 depending on how much sleep I got the night before. Haha!

The Program

I do 2 maintenance runs during weekdays and 1 long run on weekends. My maintenance runs looked something like this:

  • 5-10 mins warm-up at pace 7
  • 15 mins run at pace 8
  • 1 min walk at pace 4.5
  • 15 mins run at pace 8.5 – 9
  • 1 min walk at pace 4.5
  • 15 mins run at pace 9-9.5
  • 1 min walk at pace 4.5
  • 15 mins run at pace 9.5-10
  • 2 mins cool down at pace 3

That’s a total of 70-75 mins in the treadmill. That consumes 60% of my energy for the day and I feel like I still have enough rounds in me to hit the heavy bag (I usually do). Yes, it felt like the rests in-between tremendously helped my body recuperate quickly! And what about the day after? You won’t believe that my legs undoubtedly felt less sore the day after compared to running the entire stretch!

Which brings me to my next point, what have I learned from this? Duh, it’s that the Run-Walk method works! Gee, thanks, Captain Obvious!

Now here’s the result my “Long Run” for you guys, still using the Run-Walk approach. No sore legs afterwards, just got massive hunger. Just zoom in the image above to see the stats. Loonie says hi.

Catch you all on my next update!

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