Tiger City Boxing Gym Review

“No Boundaries. No Limits.” For the old and the new kids on the block, Tiger City’s one of the underappreciated gyms will certainly take you by surprise.

HOW TO GET THERE – Xcon, more popularly known as Tiger City Boxing Gym, is located at 248 Sto. Rosario St. Plainview, Mandaluyong. Getting to the place is quite simple. From Manila, just coast through Boni Ave and right before you reach the circle (Maysilo Circle), turn right to Sto. Rosario. Head straight and on the corner, the gym should be at your sight. There’s not a lot of establishments surrounding the area so before going there make sure you already had your breakfast (or lunch). Be advised as well that this exact area along Boni Ave is very prone to floods. Consider yourself warned.


I went there at around 3 o’clock when the sun was shining at its brightest. I immediately sensed the nearby area was generally peaceful and quiet, it kind of reminded me of our home in the province. The atmosphere was unbelievably similar, it gives you the relaxing vibe.  

The place looked like a huge abandoned house that you inherited from your great-grandmother, from the outside. On the left-hand side, don’t be surprised if you see a mini treehouse. It’s where most of the trainers sleep as most of them are “stay-in” coaches. But no, you won’t see couples sitting in a tree K-I-S-S-I-N-G. 

In terms of parking, there’s a decent space and I would estimate around 6 – 8 cars can fit in it. The inside would be a totally different story. Floor area is huge, there’s an enormous space in the middle for the pad work.

You can see ropes hanging on the poles on either side and a couple of stationary bikes if the space isn’t enough to get you warmed up! There’s a mini weight room, a medium-sized boxing ring and right beside it is another space for different workout routines. They also have a changing and shower room if you end up full of sweat (which you will).



pardon my shaky hands as this photo was taken right after the workout

Annual Membership: 1000

Standard price. Most of the gyms are at this price point.

Boxing: 300 (350 walk-in)

This amount is hovering at the higher end of my own market value range but still borderline standard. Take advantage of the 200/day special if you avail of the 12 sessions (monthly). 

For hardcore boxing enthusiasts, go for the unlimited monthly special at 4000.

Strength and conditioning (functional) work out can also be availed at the same price. Bring your own gear as they don’t have gloves or wraps for rent.



The coaches available any day are 6 to 8, most are stay-in trainers. The coach that was assigned to me looked like he just fought for a championship belt, he had a small wound on his face that appeared like it’s on the second stage of healing. His physique was like mine (although his is way more muscular).

He walked up to me with a device in his hands – a small timer. “Let’s warm up”, he said. To my surprise he actually did compete just a week ago – it was a 12-round championship fight. He told me that he had been defending his belt for quite some time and for him to be able to move up the rankings, he had to go up a weight class. WOW.

the students getting their groove on

6 minutes of rope skipping is done. Now he hands me this plastic pole to do some dynamic stretching exercises. That was a first for me! I never thought I was that stiff until I tried doing the pole exercises – it was an amazing experience indeed! I was then given a full round of rest. Then we hit the mitts.

The first round was like a “feeling out” process.

He was looking carefully at my footwork and stance: he was watching how I threw my jab… everything. The next thing I knew, we were at the end of the 4th round and he yells, “Last two, brother.” At that point, my heart was running faster than the cars in South Super Highway.  6 rounds ended and it left me hating everything in life for about a minute. I felt unstoppable!

the Aqua bag

We rest for another round then headed to the bags. Now, this was something incredible that I have never seen before in ANY gym – a hanging aqua bag. It’s a round, tear-shaped punching bag that has water inside, covered by vinyl material.

You would think that changing the inside of the punching bag from sand, ripped clothes, sheets, rags, cotton, wool, rice, feathers, styrofoam, shredded tires to WATER would make no difference and you would be absolutely wrong. 

He told me to do 4 rounds of bag work with their aqua punching bag. Supervised the whole time, I thought this was going to be just another “walk in the bag”. 30 seconds in, I was feeling the soreness on my shoulders every time I threw a punch. “This is very weird”, I told myself. Furthermore, every attempt to throw a power punch does not make any remarkable impact on the bag. It only made my shoulders feel more heavy and sore as if I were lifting weights.


Then he walked me to the speedball station to do 3 rounds of speedball training. Rest. He then advised me that we are almost done. He grabbed a sledgehammer from the floor and pointed it to what seemed to be a spare tire of a 16-wheeler truck. Hammer & tire workout! It was yet another new advanced routine that I was able to add in my arsenal. 


The whole training session lasted for more than an hour but I stayed longer to try some of the different equipment they have. I also did rope climbing and some core workout using the dumbbells. Now, let me give a quick recap through FYI’s in this awesome experience. 

the skinny guy working the ropes

FYI#1 – It was my first time to do 6 rounds of mitts training STRAIGHT. Trainers in most boxing gyms will do a maximum of 3 continuous rounds with you. To be honest, I have no idea why we did 6 rounds. (Maybe he was fond of me?) 

FYI#2- It was my first time to stretch with the long plastic pole. 

FYI#3- It was my first time to workout using the aqua punching bag.

FYI#4- It was my first time to do the sledgehammer & tire exercise. 

Not a lot of first time’s, eh? Keep in mind that I was closely monitored by my trainer 100% of the time. 



The price point may be on the higher end but given the quality of workout that I experienced all throughout, I can easily say that this was a solid experience. Tiger City Boxing Gym is one of those diamonds in the rough. I would absolutely come back to this place (already did).

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(Disclaimer: I was not paid in cash or any kind by Tiger City Boxing Gym management or its affiliates to make this review.)

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